My Services


Our service facilitates seamless content transmission and enhances accessibility to a broad Vietnamese audience. Backed by highly skilled voice actors and a state-of-the-art recording studio equipped with specialized technical equipment, we are dedicated to providing superior voice dubbing results of the highest quality and perfectly tailored to meet your needs.


Committed to excellence, we meticulously select a team of talented dubbing actors with the skills, experience, and versatility to capture the essence of the content, bring scripts to life, and convey the right emotions.


We deliver voice-overs for academic, corporate, and entertainment content. Our voice actors ensure to maintain the ideal pitch, tone, and rhythm that will enhance your content and deeply engage your audience.

Voice Library

Our diverse network of professional voice actors from various speaking styles, languages, and age groups. We continuously add new talent to our roster to ensure fresh voices and a versatile pool of dubbing skills.

Casting & Adaption

With a dedicated casting team, we conduct rigorous auditions and assessments to ensure a perfect match between talent and project. Our extensive directory of voice actors guarantees to find the most suitable artist for your projects.